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Electrify your favorite sports center, for you an Amazon voucher
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Do you want to charge your electric car
while playing sports?

Point us to your trusted sports center and become a spokesperson for electric mobility: the facility can receive the installation of one of our charging stations and you, in return, an Amazon voucher

Do you have a passion for sports and have an electric car?  

Do you want to make a difference and contribute to a more electric and green future? Do you want to use the time while playing sports to recharge your electric car?

Help your favorite sports center become a benchmark for e-mobility! 

Car charging stations Powy for Sports Centers, Spas, Amusement Parks

How does it work?

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Fill out the form with center data

Go to the bottom of the page and report your favorite sports center

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Wait for evaluation

We will contact the center for more information and formulate a dedicated offer


If the sports center is selected

Will get free installation of charging stations for electric cars

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Once the contract is signed

we will kick off the installation of the charging stations, and you will receive an Amazon voucher

What are you waiting for?

Fill out the form and become a spokesperson for electric mobility!

Apply for your sports center

Enter all the details of your sports center, we'll take care of the rest!