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Freedom of movement, ease of recharging, environmental friendliness, care of process, power of experience.

POWY is all of that. It takes you where you want and waits for you where you are. It is always nearby and ready to go far. It is the future of mobility, and it is already here.


Enter the world of electric mobility by being supported by a specialized partner.

Powy E-Stations

Offer your customers a green solution for electric vehicle charging, without sustaining any investment or changing your business model.

Technology and services
best in class

Powy 's proposal skillfully balances hardware and software to provide ease of use, performance, and efficiency for both users and facility owners.

Our selection of equipment allows us to always provide the most suitable solution with respect to the type of facility and the needs of the local market. What does not change, however, is the ease of use of services and the user experience, which guarantees maximum customer satisfaction.

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By 2030, 56 percent of new cars registered in Italy will be electric.

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Percentage of electric vehicles in new registrations in Italy.

* Growth estimates: "Smart Mobility Report 2022" - Energy & Strategy, Politecnico di Milano

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A unique visibility opportunity: thanks to multiple agreements, Powy E-Stations are featured on all major electric vehicle charging apps and navigation systems of leading car-makers.

The perfect way to get the word out about your business, at a stroke and at no cost.

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