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Recharge your corporate fleet

Charging electric vehicles for corporate fleets is an issue that requires attention and experience. One must consider the number of vehicles and the number of kilometers driven, but also define charging power, location, and management of charging infrastructure installation.

Powy offers a worry-free service for charging electric cars and electric vehicles for businesses that includes assistance on all these aspects, thanks to years of experience in the mobility and energy sector. This service is part of the broader offering of solutions for hosting an electric vehicle charging station.

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for corporate fleet charging

Powy offers three solutions for charging electric cars and vehicles that are part of the corporate fleet, helping companies optimize costs and improve efficiency.

Fleet Electric Car Proposal Zero Thoughts

Zero Thoughts Formula

No investment for our partner, maintenance and management by Powy

Electric Car Fleets Operational Leasing Proposal

Operating Leasing Formula

A leasing formula over a time frame of 24 to 84 months, fully deductible

Electric Car Fleets Proposed Infrastructure Ownership

Property Infrastructure Formula

Our partner buys the technology and Powy takes care of the maintenance

Electric Car Fleets Proposal Powy

Learn about our corporate fleet charging offerings for:

  • Corporate parking lots
  • B2B Fleets
  • Logistics hubs
  • Electric rentals
  • Car sharing
  • Urban public transportation
  • Dedicated areas for intermodal transportation

The advantages of Powy

In addition to activation and management of the charging infrastructure, Powy offers in charging services for electric cars and other vehicles in the corporate fleet, these benefits:

Icon Ease of Use

Live monitoring of charging performance

Icon Zero Bureaucracy Darkbg

Offering "worry-free" solutions

Icon Recharge Direct. Payment

Management of your fleet refills via APP, RFID and QR Code and Credit Cards

Icon Technology

"Pay-as-you-go" pricing, guaranteed reliability and immediate assistance from Powy

Renewable Energy Icon

100% renewable energy

Hotline Darkbg Icon

B2B customer focus through the presence of a dedicated "key account"

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

This section is designed for you who are looking for clear and concise information about our corporate fleet charging service. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive related to our electric car charging service for corporate fleet. 

What solutions do you offer for corporate fleets? 

What costs does the company have to bear? 

How do you manage charging for multiple vehicles? 

What are the charging times? 

What benefits do you offer to corporate fleets? 

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The world of electric offers many solutions, and we at Powy are here to help you find yours. Fill out the form to receive a personalized consultation.

With more than 10 years of experience in energy and mobility, we at Powy operate as a Charging Point Operator specializing in the development and management of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, with offices in Italy and Spain and operations throughout Europe.

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