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Shopping malls and mass retailers: host charging stations in your store

With Powy you can install electric car charging stations at shopping malls and retail outlets: enhance your store by making it an attraction for the growing community of EV drivers with our charging stations.

Powy 's charging solutions are designed to be practical and reliable, supporting the transition to electric vehicles and transforming your store into a benchmark for sustainable mobility.

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Attract and retain your customers: install electric car charging stations

The demand for places with charging infrastructure is steadily increasing.

By offering this service in your shopping center or retail outlet, you will not only attract new customers eager to recharge their electric vehicles, but you will also build loyalty among existing customers by offering them a state-of-the-art shopping experience.

Investing in electric car charging stations for shopping malls and retail outlets means keeping up with the times and meeting the needs of the growing community of electric motorists.

Zero cost, zero worry

With Powy, you do not have to worry about the costs associated with the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of electric car charging stations for Shopping Centers.

We take care of everything, including the cost of connection to the electricity grid. This way, you can offer charging service to your customers at no additional cost to you.

Focus on providing an outstanding shopping experience while we take care of your charging infrastructure.

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What retailers who have chosen us say

At the Magnificent

"Thanks to the electric columns Powy, we have become a hub for electric vehicle owners in the area, attracting new customers who wish to take advantage of this convenient service, during their time spent in the mall."

Maurizio Di Tommaso Director - Al Magnifico Shopping Center
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"In Pittarello we constantly have a desire to expand and innovate the services offered to our customers, and in Powy we have found a reliable and comprehensive partner.

Both for the enhancement of our stores today, but also for future developments. After an analysis to choose the best technology solutions for each store, we entrusted Powy with all the implementation, which was carried out with virtually zero effort on our part. Also forEV driver support."

Mauro Pittarello Chief Executive Officer - Pittarello

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This section is designed for you who are looking for clear and concise information about our electric vehicle charging service. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about the installation, management, and use of our electric car charging stations for shopping malls and GDOs.

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How quickly is the charging station installed and activated? 

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What benefits do you offer to shopping centers? 

Get your custom solution

The world of electric offers many solutions, and we at Powy are here to help you find yours. Fill out the form to receive a personalized consultation.

With more than 10 years of experience in energy and mobility, we at Powy operate as a Charging Point Operator specializing in the development and management of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, with offices in Italy and Spain and operations throughout Europe.