Charging your vehicle with smart and sustainable services

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We are in transition and apologize for not being temporarily present on all charging platforms.

Choose how!

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Recharge APP

Use the APP of your choice to start charging.
Currently you can use the Nextcharge, MyNextMove, Evway, Neogy, Shell Recharge, DKV Mobility, Mobility+ or Charge my EV apps.

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RFID Devices

Swipe your RFID device on the reader on the column.
Currently you can use RFID devices from Evway, Nextcharge, Neogy, Bosch, DKV and Shell Recharge.

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Direct Payment

You can recharge without having to download any app or register for a service. After scanning the QR code on the side of the outlet you want to use simply enter your payment method information to start the recharge.

Technical Assistance

Network Powy

  • 150+ strategic locations
  • 300+ charging points
  • Target of 2 million optioned parking spaces in 2025.

Today being green is no longer a choice, but a responsibility.

Today, our energy is produced from 100% renewable sources. We aim to create a carbon-neutral chain , with solutions for recycling and green disposal of materials.

Therefore, we work every day to build a strong alliance between technology, partners and suppliers. For a truly responsible offering that makes a real difference.