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We are experts in linking the most reliable hardware with the most functional software. Technology thus becomes a tool close to the needs of users and the needs of service providers.
We provide solutions that improve users' lives and develop business for operators.

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The ideal mix of technology and applications

The process of charging an electric vehicle is the tip of the iceberg of a very complex whole in which infrastructure, services and applications are intertwined. Knowing how to choose solutions and manage them in a balanced way is the key to making a difference in terms of cost, efficiency, transparency and customer usage satisfaction.

TheF Charging brings to bear its expertise in the world of energy and new technologies to provide the currently "best in class" solutions from now on, with an eye already on the possibilities of the future. Our charging systems have top-level technical specifications and safety and are open to the interoperability standards and technologies of tomorrow. Relying on TheF Charging means always being one step ahead.

Smart charging services

A requirement common to every device we use is a high level of interoperability. This allows each piece of hardware to be tightly integrated with our ever-evolving suite of applications. The result is a common and consistent user experience, high levels of satisfaction for users and partners, and an increasingly well-rounded service offering.

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V2G Ready

The Powy network is already compatible with tomorrow's technology
"Vehicle to Grid"

What is V2G

How V2G works

The benefits of V2G

V2G Ready

The Powy network is already compatible with tomorrow's "Vehicle to Grid" technology

What is V2G

V2G is the acronym for "Vehicle to Grid," a technology that enables electric vehicles to interact with the power grid in an intelligent way, not only absorbing energy from the grid to recharge batteries but also releasing it back to the grid when necessary to balance momentary peaks in demand or generation, contributing to the quality of service of an increasingly complex, decentralized and multidirectional power grid.

How V2G works

This technology can make a very important contribution to the large-scale expansion of renewable energy production by helping to solve one of its most complex limitations, which is the storage of the energy produced and its subsequent delivery. The idea behind V2G is to contribute by using the batteries of grid-connected electric vehicles as if they were one giant global infrastructure, granularly distributed across the territory, capable of storing and delivering energy as needed and thus stabilizing the electricity system.

The benefits of V2G

The benefits of this technology are mainly twofold: on the one hand, at the system level, V2G will make an important contribution to the energy transition, encouraging-as mentioned above-a shift to increasing shares of zero-emission renewable energy generation; on the other hand, it will result in a reduction in the cost of recharging for drivers, which will come in the form of a discount proportionate to the contribution made to the electric system by the vehicle during recharging.

The charging hardware

We test and select devices from different manufacturers, choosing the best options according to different usage scenarios. Common features of our devices are the highest level of security and adherence to the highest possible standards of interoperability.

Charging tools: the main options

  • Different models available for different sizes, delivery powers, and functionality
  • Compact and lightweight "wallbox" devices with wall or pole installation and power up to 22kW per outlet
  • Indoor and outdoor column devices with two outlets up to 22kW power each
  • Indoor and outdoor column devices with large LCD screen for informational and advertising use, for high foot traffic areas
  • Devices for fast and ultrafast DC recharging with powers from 50kW up to 300kW, for parking areas close to major thoroughfares and/or in strategic locations

General technical specifications

  • Connector Type: Type 2 and CCS Combo 2
  • Atmospheric operating conditions: temperature between -30 and +50 degrees centigrade. Humidity: 5% to 95%
  • Compliance: OLEV EVHS & WCS Approved, CE Marked, EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, IEC 61851-1, IEC 61851-22, IEC 62196-2
  • Degree of robustness: IK10 (highest level)
  • Energy consumed measurement: MID certification
  • Waterproofing: IP54
Ensto Wallbox Electric Vehicle Charging Station Powy Energy 45

Wallbox quick

Compact charging station for wall and pole installation

Ensto Pro Electric Vehicle Charging Station Powy Energy 45

Quick chargers

Exceptional reliability and durability for indoor and outdoor use

Wallbox Supernova Electric Vehicle Charging Station Powy Energy 45

Fast chargers

Exceptional reliability and durability for indoor and outdoor use

Hw 150 300 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Powy Energy 45

Ultrafast chargers

For fast and ultrafast recharging from 150kW up to 300kW

Find out which charging devices are best for your facility

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