October 20, 2022

TheF Charging becomes Powy: rebranding toward the future of electrification

Powy Charger

TheF Charging completely revamps its identity and becomes Powy. Charge The change. With the new brand, the Italian company engaged in financing, building and managing a vast network of rapid and ultra-rapid infrastructure for public charging of electric vehicles marks a watershed, entering the more mature corporate age in which it consolidates its market presence.

The new naming Powy, almost like a nickname or a catchphrase, is intended to embody the transformation, even a bit irreverent, of the concept of energy and power; and with the claim Charge The Change is intended to summarize the company's commitment: to contribute to the energy of change in a world that is coming, to be the source of new transformative energies, for a more sustainable and accessible tomorrow.

"We have successfully launched a solid growth process, which has led us in just a few months to reach more than 1,300 contracted charging points in highly selected locations and to the creation of an ecosystem of top-notch partners with whom we collaborate to exceed customer expectations, not only in Italy but also abroad. It is precisely with the end customer in mind that we have decided to embark on the path to a new identity, which, starting from the essence of our service, is more accessible and fun. In a word: POWY" - says Federico Fea, CEO and Co-Founder.

"With the growth we have achieved this past year, we wanted to design the image of an even more solid company by dressing ourselves in a charged, dynamic, friendly and maybe even a little irreverent brand that could fully represent our vision of the future of mobility. POWY is all of these things: it has a free and joyful character and is ready to energetically accompany this virtuous path toward more sustainable and accessible mobility." - explains Nicolò Brentan, chief growth officer of Powy

The first activity signed Powy concerns the extension of the agreement with Pittarello, a leading company in the sale of footwear and accessories, whereby, in addition to the 7 stores already under concession since the beginning of the year, up to 50 additional locations located from north to south of the country will be added that can be electrified with both AC and DC charging points. This collaboration adds to the list of first-class partners, such as Stellantis, Gruppo FS and Metropark, APCOA Italy, AccorInvest, Tigros, and many more to come. To date, through its work in recent months as TheF Charging, POWY has installed more than 300 charging points in 150 strategic locations and has about 1,000 points under construction.

The company is therefore moving ahead rapidly on its ambitious development path, which will see it continue to develop a European charging network that stands out for quality and reliability, as well as a user-friendly charging experience.

Turin, October 20, 2022

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A 100% made in Italy company based in Turin, Powy is the brainchild of Andrea Brentan (former CEO of Endesa) and Federico Fea (former EMEA Business Development of FCA and Chief Innovation Officer of Endesa). As a provider of innovative electric vehicle charging services, Powy 's mission is to create a capillary network of charging infrastructures, making public space managers protagonists of innovation and, at the same time, freeing them from the risk associated with investment and management of facilities. The company has launched an expansion plan aimed at Europe with which it aims for the target of at least 2 million optioned parking spaces by 2025.