October 19, 2021

Stellantis and TheF Charging: a partnership for a European charging network

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  • The agreement aims to establish a public charging network in Europe that is accessible to all electric vehicles and reserves exclusive conditions for Stellantis customers
  • Starting in 2021 and ending in 2025, the two companies will collaborate in the development of the charging network, mainly of the quick type, in more than 15,000 locations in Europe and in two million parking spaces
  • Customers, owners, and operators of the selected locations will be actively involved to define charging solutions tailored to each type of location and customer base

Technology and business partnership

Stellantis (through FCA Italy S.p.A. and the coordination of the e-Mobility Business Unit) and TheF Charging announce the signing of a partnership for the creation in Europe of a public charging network accessible to all electric vehicles and reserving exclusive conditions for Stellantis customers.

Goal: to realize a vast European network

Autonomy and public charging are crucial factors in fostering the transition to more sustainable mobility through the large-scale adoption of BEVs and PHEVs, in line with the "Fit for 55" package unveiled by the European Commission last July 14, 2021, whose goals are, among others, to achieve 100 percent zero-emission cars registered by 2035 and to install public charging points at regular intervals.

With the aim of building a vast European network that promotes electric and electrified mobility, and with a strong focus on optimizing the user experience, the two companies have therefore identified more than 1,000 owners or operators of locations throughout Europe that can meet customers' main charging needs: facilities in city centers, facilities dedicated to primary needs (hospitals, schools) and transportation (airports, train stations, ports), leisure (shopping, sports centers, hotels, restaurants) and large-scale retail, totaling more than 15,000 locations in Europe and two million parking spaces. These locations will be part of the charging network that Stellantis and TheF Charging will collaboratively develop and promote until at least 2025. The network will be inaugurated by 2021 with the installation of the first quick charging stations in Italy, then the network will expand throughout Europe.

In the context of the cooperation agreement, Stellantis and TheF Charging are also pursuing the goal of establishing a charging network offering "carbon free" energy, with the ambition of extending this approach to the entire value chain.

Complementary to the Atlas Project

The collaboration with TheF Charging is part of the Stellantis Group's broader strategy, announced during EV Day last July 8, aimed at fostering and simplifying e-mobility everywhere in the world through a full range of charging solutions for electrified vehicles dedicated to private, business and fleet customers. The agreement between Stellantis and TheF Charging is specifically presented as complementary to the Atlante project. Atlante came about as a result of Stellantis' collaboration with partner NHOA, aimed at establishing the largest FAST charging network in Southern Europe.

In this regard, the partnership between Stellantis and TheF Charging will also involve, as a potential hardware solution provider, Free2Move eSolutions, the joint venture between Stellantis and NHOA dedicated to offering e-mobility products and services.

Continuous updating of services

The agreementbetweenStellantis and TheF Charging also calls for the two companies to cooperate on an ongoing basis in updating the services offered within the charging network, pooling know-how that will enable them to define customized charging solutions and energy services based on the characteristic business of each location's operator.


In developing these services, Stellantis and TheF Charging will actively engage customers, owners and operators of selected locations to define solutions tailored to each type of location and customer base. The goal is to create a broad, Europe-wide ecosystem that ensures, at all times, customer satisfaction with a simple and intuitive charging experience.

"Stellantis is working on the creation of strategic partnerships to foster the deployment of e-mobility, leveraging not only internal expertise but also the specializations of partners to accelerate the market introduction of new technologies in step with the times," says Anne-Lise Richard, Head of the e-Mobility Global Business Unit at Stellantis. "The partnership between Stellantis and TheF Charging fits into this context with a clear objective: to ensure the presence of columns in strategic European locations and to offer the best possible charging experience over time."

"The partnership with Stellantis gives further impetus to the implementation of our charging network in Europe," explains Federico Fea, CEO of TheF Charging. "This technological and commercial collaboration will, in fact, allow us to generate benefits along the entire value chain: from our customers, whether they are drivers of a Stellantis vehicle or not, who will be able to take advantage of innovative services in line with the specific needs of the individual, to the owners of the locations that will host our network, who will be able to count on a greater influx of high value-added customers and on a partnership of excellence, based on transparency, personalization of services and collaboration."

Amsterdam/Turin - Milan, October 19, 2021

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