June 04, 2024

Powy Expands to the south: new electric columns installed dedicated to retail and large-scale retail trade

Electricity Columns Powy for retail and large-scale retail trade

Jun 04, 2024 - Powy, a company active in the development and management of public charging infrastructures for electric vehicles, brings its expansion to some regions in southern Italy by initiating an agreement with Despar Centro Sud - Maiora S.r.l., a retail reality present with more than 450 stores under different signs in Puglia, Abruzzo, Calabria, Campania, Basilicata and Molise.

Work on the installation will begin in the coming months and will see the activation of 8 fast columns with 2 charging points each, for a total of 16 charging points. The stations will be located at strategic customer sites so as to take advantage of downtime when the vehicle is idle while shopping.

The Group supermarkets involved are under the Eurospar banner, including those in Corato and Giovinazzo in the province of Bari; and Interspar in Matera; Corato, Modugno and Terlizzi in the province of Bari; Melfi in Potenza; and Castelnuovo Cilento in the province of Salerno. The charging points will provide energy from 100 percent renewable sources.

The partnership stems primarily from a strategic need to meet the needs of customers who frequent supermarkets and need powerful and efficient infrastructure that can recharge their vehicles during the time they remain parked.

In just three years, Powy has seen rapid growth of its network-partly thanks to partnerships with key stakeholders in the retail and large-scale retail sector, as well as with public administrations, transportation hubs, and highways-which now has more than 2,000 charging points, including more than 600 installed and 1,400 under construction.

"For us, this is another important collaboration," comments Federico Fea, CEO of Powy, "which enriches our portfolio in the large-scale retail segment with another industry leader. The quality of services offered by Despar Centro Sud - Maiora S.r.l., is aligned with the quality experience that we are offering to our customers and that we look for in our partners, carefully selected. At the same time, with our experience in the retail and GDO sector we want to offer additional quality service to our partners' customers."

About Powy

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Powy is a company active in the development and management of public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. It is based in Turin, Italy, where it launched commercial operations in 2021. The network of Powy is composed of different types of charging infrastructure (from quick, to fast to ultra-fast) located in highly strategic locations, providing energy from 100 percent renewable sources. This makes it possible to offer EV drivers state-of-the-art solutions suitable for all charging needs. Info: www.powy.energy