November 29, 2023

Powy at Oil not Oil announces technical integration with Fortech

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From today, it will also be possible to recharge electric vehicles at gas stations using a single terminal

Powy, among the leading independent developers, owners and operators of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, made its debut at the Oil not Oil with a big announcement: the Italian scale-up has integrated on its columns the innovative physical payment system from Fortech.

From now on, at fuel stations equipped with Fortech payment devices and charging stations Powy, drivers will be able to make payments using a single system, both for traditional fuels and electric vehicles. The Powy-Fortech partnership, therefore, marks a significant step toward the unification of payments at gas stations, offering users the convenience of handling all transactions from a single terminal, while also paying with credit and debit cards and/or various fuel cards. This innovation is in line with the standards introduced in the new AFIR regulation, the European agreement to facilitate the spread of electric mobility, which requires operators of electric charging points to offer a common ad hoc payment method, such as debit or credit cards.

The announcement is accompanied by the inauguration of the first gas station where the connection between a Powy station and the innovative Fortech terminal for recharge payments has been activated. The gas station, which is located at 108 Milano, right in Verona, where the Fair is being held, symbolizes the future of sustainable mobility, where refueling of traditional fuels and energy come together, building on the experience gained in both sectors. Users, in fact, in addition to benefiting from the physical payment system-typical of gas stations-will also have the opportunity to use the most popular charging applications, as on the rest of the network Powy.

Integration Powy And Fortech

"We are happy to announce our technical integration with Fortech, through which we are opening new horizons in the electric charging experience." - said Federico Fea, CEO of Powy at the Oil not Oil Fair - "With this evolution, Powy is helping to redefine the landscape of gas stations, transforming them into advanced, multifunctional centers to meet the needs of an increasingly wide range of vehicles. In this way, users will have faster and easier access to charging, creating a seamless environment between traditional and electric vehicles. We are convinced that the synergy between Powy and Fortech will make drivers' lives easier and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future."

A goal that also underlies Powy 's alliance with Assopetroli-Assoenergia, the main association of companies active in the energy and petroleum products and services sector, with more than 11,000 distributors on the network, aimed at expanding the current offer of service stations with fast and ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles. Given their ubiquity throughout the territory and as key stopping points on medium and long distances, service stations can in fact become strategic locations for all EV drivers. The same funds allocated by the NRP for the installation of new columns at gas stations are a confirmation of this.

The agreement dedicated by Powy to Assopetroli-Assoenergia members will be discussed during the Oil not Oil Fair in a workshop to be held at 12 noon on November 30 at the Verona Fiere Press Room. The offer includes three different proposals, tailored to the specific needs of each individual company: from the "No Thoughts" offer - for which POWY bears all the costs for the realization, installation and management of the charging station - to the "Turnkey" solution - for which POWY supplies and installs the charging stations - via a "Co-investment" solution, in which the associate and Powy invest together for the realization of the service.

From Nov. 29 to Dec. 1, Powy will therefore be present at booth D59 in Hall 4 at Verona Fiere, where, in addition to its partnership with Fortech, it will show Oil's many non-Oil visitors its services, goals and objectives-in short, its idea of the mobility of the future.

The full program of the event at the following link: Oil not Oil official website

Verona, November 29, 2023

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A 100% made in Italy company based in Turin, TheF Charging is the brainchild of Andrea Brentan (former CEO of Endesa) and Federico Fea (former EMEA Business Development of FCA and Chief Innovation Officer of Endesa). As a provider of innovative electric vehicle charging services, TheF Charging's mission is to create a capillary network of charging infrastructures, making public space managers protagonists of innovation and, at the same time, freeing them from the risk associated with investment and management of facilities. The company has launched an expansion plan aimed at Europe with which it aims for the target of at least 2 million optioned parking spaces by 2025.