April 24, 2024

Powy and Cox Energy together for sustainable mobility in Spain

Cox Energy Partnership
  • Cox Energy and Powy have agreed to collaborate to promote sustainable mobility in Spain by providing renewable energy supply to electric vehicle charging points on the network Powy.
  • This agreement underscores Powy 's commitment to renewable energy solutions as a key element of the transition to sustainable mobility and positions Cox Energy as a significant player in the supply of renewable energy for electric vehicle charging.

Madrid, April 09, 2024 - Cox Energy, the energy business unit of the Coxabengoa Group, and Powy announce an agreement to promote sustainable mobility in Spain. Under the agreement, vehicles using the Powy charging points will be powered by renewable energy provided by Cox Energy from the grid and from self-consumption facilities located on the charging network Powy, enabling users to travel around the country in an environmentally friendly way.

Under the agreement, Cox Energy, a leader in the commercialization of 100 percent renewable energy, and Powy will commit to exploring innovative business models to further promote the energy transition, such as solar installations or advanced virtual battery technology. This initiative will create value for both the energy system and the partners Powy who opt for this cutting-edge offering, with coverage extending up to 2 km through Cox Energy Energy Communities. This strategy will enable the exploration of new ways to promote the energy transition to strengthen the energy system and promote progress toward more sustainable mobility.

The renewable energy provided by Cox Energy is an essential element of Powy 's strategy to expand its presence in the Spanish market, offering a formula that is truly consistent with the principles of sustainable mobility. With a strong commitment to service excellence provided to its partners, Powy carefully chooses the optimal locations for its charging stations, covering all costs related to the design, authorization, construction and operation of the charging infrastructure. The partners of Powy are actively involved in every step of the process for the best outcome. In addition, as a CPO, Powy offers a wide range of charging options, easy-to-use hardware systems integrated with major payment methods to ensure a seamless charging experience.

The strategic agreement sees Cox Energy at the forefront of efforts to provide renewable energy for electric vehicle charging, while enabling Powy to develop its commitment to electric vehicle charging through green energy solutions. In this way, Cox Energy strengthens its position along the entire energy value chain, from electricity marketing and self-consumption to participation in energy communities and supply for vehicle charging. On the other hand, Powy enhances its commitment to sustainable mobility and environmental protection by adopting renewable energy for its charging points.

In the words of Federico Fea, co-founder and CEO of Powy, he said, "We are excited to join forces with Cox Energy because we believe that, with the company's experience and reputation, this agreement will not only strengthen our position in the market, but also enable us to offer more innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers." In the words of Andrea Brentan, president and co-founder of Powy, "One of our strategic priorities is the expansion of Powy in Spain, to lead the transition to sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility: this agreement with Cox Energy is an important step in this direction."

For his part, Fabián Pérez, general manager of Cox Energy Comercializadora, stressed that "Coxabengoa, in its deployment of energy communities, will expand and strengthen sustainable and efficient mobility solutions in Spain, thanks to the cooperation with Powy, one of the largest operators of electric vehicle charging points currently in Italy, with a powerful expansion plan in Spain." This alliance gives Coxabengoa more tools for the development of energy communities, as Fabián Pérez pointed out, "Coxabengoa has made a firm bet on technology and, thanks to this agreement, it will be possible to use surplus renewable energy from one charger and transport it to another where needed, thus saving costs for Powy and its customers.

About Powy

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Powy, formerly known as TheF Charging, stands out as one of the fastest growing independent charging point operators in Italy. Founded in Turin, Italy by Andrea Brentan, former CEO of Endesa, and Federico Fea, former Chief Innovation Officer of Endesa, the company began full commercial operation in early 2021. Powy is in the process of establishing an extensive European network of public charging points for vehicle electricity. The company currently has 600 active charging points and more than 2,000 signed points in more than 200 premium locations in Spain and Italy. In its expansion strategy, Spain is a priority, with the goal of creating a network of strategically placed charging stations with a focus on quality of service for both users and network hosts. Info: www.powy.energy  

Contact email for Powy: n.merino@retionline.es

About Cox Energy

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Cox Energy is the energy business unit of the Coxabengoa Group, a water and energy services company that provides services to the entire value chain in the energy and water sectors, including EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) and operations and maintenance activities as well as concessions.

Contact e-mail for Cox Energy: comunicacion@coxabengoa.com