July 31, 2023

Powy, Gianfilippo Mancini appointed as new board member

New Board Member - Gianfilippo Mancini

Powy, Charge Point Owner & Operator for public charging of electric vehicles, announces that Gianfilippo Mancini has joined its Board of Directors.

After the recent capital increase of 84 million euros by Swiss Life Asset Managers, the Powy team is also enriched by the skills and experience of the internationally renowned manager, CEO of Sorgenia until a few months ago.

With more than two decades of experience in the energy market, energy transition, and asset management, Mancini was appointed to the Board by the company's two founders and shareholders Andrea Brentan and Federico Fea, chairman and CEO, respectively, with whom he had worked extensively when the three held senior positions in the Enel Group.

Mancini has a more than 20-year track record as an international manager and top manager, holding roles of increasing responsibility in the Enel Group from 1997 to 2014. Then, as CEO of Sorgenia over the past eight years, he was the architect of the company's radical transformation into one of the most dynamic and innovative players in the free energy market and energy transition.

A great connoisseur of the energy market, he has developed a fully digitized retail customer base from scratch, adding an attractive portfolio of energy transition products and services to the sale of electricity.

He is also currently a Board Member of Saras, FIIEE and Marguerite.

Federico Fea comments on Mancini's arrival at Powy : "We are proud to welcome Gianfilippo to Powy, whom we have known and respected since we were colleagues at Enel over 15 years ago. His experience will be very valuable to further support Powy 's path of growth and consolidation in the electric mobility market in Europe. Gianfilippo brings with him a deep understanding of markets and the energy transition while also boasting unique experience in digitizing the customer relationship for selling energy and innovative energy services on a large scale."

"I am happy to return to work with Andrea Brentan and Federico Fea in an exciting project like Powy, which has already achieved remarkable results in just a few years. Powy has a clear idea about the future of electric mobility and its positioning on strategic locations with quality service. It also has a management team of talented young people who recognize themselves in this project and share the desire to contribute to the environmental sustainability of our mobility. I thank, therefore, the founding partners for wanting me at their side to help achieve the ambitious goals in the plans of Powy." - comments Gianfilippo Mancini.


About Powy

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Powy, formerly known as Thef Charging, is a leading developer, owner and independent operator of public charging stations for electric vehicles. Based in Turin, Italy, where it launched commercial operations in 2021, Powy 's business model is to obtain long-term concessions to build and operate public charging infrastructure. Powy 's network consists of different types of charging infrastructures (from quick, to fast to ultra-fast) located in highly strategic locations that can offer EV drivers state-of-the-art solutions for both "destination charging" and "charging on the go."