November 17, 2023

Creazzo municipality: the first two charging stations in the city with Powy

Columns Powy Creazzo Mayor Maresca Assessor Dandrea

The columns, one Quick and one Fast for the different needs of citizens, consist of two charging points each.

Located at Via Brigata Orobica and Via Leonardo Da Vinci are the first two public charging stations for electric vehicles activated in Creazzo (Vicenza). They were installed by the company Powy, one of the leading developers, owners and independent operators of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, which to date has already activated 78 charging points (39 chargers) in 34 locations in the Veneto region, with another 150 charging points (75 chargers) in 46 locations being installed. In total, Powy has 500 installed charging points to its credit and 1,100 under construction.

"As a municipal administration, we wanted electric charging stations to be installed in our area, to provide the infrastructure that would then concretely enable the abandonment of fossil fuel cars. In the search for a partner to provide this, we met with Powy, which provided it at no cost to the Administration and will certify to us annually that the sources from which the charging energy comes are 100 percent renewable," - says Massimiliano Dandrea, Councillor for the Environment.

Columns Powy Creazzo Mayor Maresca Assessor Dandrea

"Weare very pleased with the fruitful collaboration with the Municipal Administration, which has allowed us to expand our charging network in Veneto even more, confirming our commitment in this region." - commented Federico Fea, CEO of Powy - "To diversify the type of charging service offered and meet the different needs of citizens, we have installed two columns of different types, one Quick and one Fast, for a total of 4 charging points. Therefore, our columns will provide an additional service to citizens and can be a potential element of economic development, bringing benefit to all the businesses in the vicinity."

The characteristics of the columns

The charging stations inaugurated today through a partnership between Powy and the City of Creazzo are powered by certified 100% renewable energy and consist of 2 charging points each, for a total of 4 new Quick and Fast charging points available to users in the area and those passing through.

In particular, the column installed in Via Brigata Orobica offers two AC charging points with power up to 22 kW, which are well suited to the residential area context and are therefore suitable for longer stops (2-4 hours).

The facility located, on the other hand, in Leonardo Da Vinci Street consists of two DC Fast+ Charging points with power of up to 150 kW, which allow users fast charging (20-40 min). The strategic location, in the center of town, therefore allows users to spend this short time waiting for charging in one of the many businesses in the area.

Columns Powy Creazzo

Creazzo, November 9, 2023

About Powy

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Powy, formerly known as Thef Charging, is a leading developer, owner and independent operator of public charging stations for electric vehicles. Based in Turin, Italy, where it launched commercial operations in 2021, Powy 's business model is to obtain long-term concessions to build and operate public charging infrastructure. Powy 's network consists of different types of charging infrastructures (from quick, to fast to ultra-fast) located in highly strategic locations that can offer EV drivers state-of-the-art solutions for both "destination charging" and "on the go". Info: