May 09, 2022

FS Group TheF Charging and Stellantis: 600 charging points at 50 stations

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TheF Charging announces the entry of the FS Italiane Group through Metropark, the subsidiary that manages parking areas in major Italian stations, into the public charging network for electric vehicles that it is building in partnership with the Stellantis Group. The agreement is aimed at fostering the spread of more sustainable mobility, also benefiting from road-rail intermodality.

Under the new agreement, TheF Charging will finance and implement 600 charging points, powered by 100 percent renewable energy, in 50 Metropark parking lots at railway stations spread throughout Italy. The network will be available for all electric vehicles, with exclusive benefits for Stellantis vehicle owners.

The three companies will collaborate with the goal of facilitating and improving the charging experience, conceived as a key aspect of the entire customer journey in relation to both travel needs and station attendance. The added value for customers lies precisely in the certainty of finding a charging point at the railway station in the city in which it is located. In this context, stations, the focal point of smart cities, will increasingly become intermodal hubs and hubs of integration between people, transportation and services. In addition, sharing and analyzing data on customers' charging habits and movements will make it possible to create an ecosystem of innovative and personalized services based on customers' needs.

The agreement with FS Group and Metropark adds a new strategic piece to the partnership signed between TheF Charging and Stellantis to build a public charging network in Europe, as announced in October 2021. The two companies have identified more than 1,000 owners or operators of locations, prioritizing city centers, facilities dedicated to basic needs (hospitals, schools), transportation (airports, train stations, ports), leisure (shopping centers, sports centers, hotels, restaurants), and large-scale retail, for a potential total of more than 15,000 locations in Europe and two million parking spaces to be electrified.

"The initiative reinforces Metropark's commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment," says Filippo Nogarin, CEO of Metropark, " The contribution of the company and the entire FS Group tends to achieve a new sustainable paradigm of urban mobility, in which railway stations play a key function, serving citizens, commuters and tourists.

For Anne-Lise Richard, head of the e-Mobility Global Business Unit at Stellantis, "This agreement is perfectly placed to support our decarbonization strategy announced with the Dare Forward 2030 long-term strategic plan. Indeed, the ability to offer our customers public charging and intermodal road/rail transportation solutions will facilitate the deployment of Stellantis' range of electric vehicles with a positive impact on reducing pollutant emissions to protect the environment."

"It is a source of great pride for us to welcome Metropark and the FS Group into the charging network and ecosystem we are developing. We are certain that railway stations will play a key role in fostering the transition to increasingly sustainable mobility in our country. This is why we have decided, together with Stellantis and Gruppo FS, to start the collaboration starting with the electrification of Metropark parking lots located in railway stations throughout Italy. In parallel, we will explore further areas of collaboration, both geographic and services, aimed at further accelerating the energy transition in the country, focusing on the customer experience." - concludes Federico Fea, CEO of TheF Charging.

Amsterdam/Turin - Milan, May 9, 2022

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