November 09, 2022

Assopetroli-Assoenergia and Powy for electric charging at fuel outlets

Powy and Assopetroli Partnership

New alliance in the mobility sector: Powy, an Italian company engaged in the creation and management of an extensive network for public charging of electric vehicles, formerly known as TheF Charging, announces an agreement with Assopetroli-Assoenergia, the main association of companies active in the energy and petroleum products and services sector, with more than 11,000 distributors on the network. The aim of the agreement is to expand the current offer of service stations, already equipped locations for many services dedicated to vehicles and motorists, with fast and ultra-fast charging service for electric vehicles.

"Assopetroli-Assoenergia members represent more than 60 percent of the service stations placed on Italian roads," says Andrea Rossetti, president of the association."The companies we represent have always shown dynamism and proactivity, contributing to the development of the alternative fuels distribution network. Even now, faced with a clear and technologically neutral regulatory horizon, we are ready to do our part, contributing for what is a common cause. Indeed, the association's sensitivity is directed toward achieving the goals of decarbonization, with an ecological transition that is economically and socially sustainable. Especially in this particular period, we see as useful the coexistence of sources and carriers that follow a principle of technological neutrality. Our members, who are widespread throughout the country, will be able to choose to become part of the network of POWY, enriching their offerings with charging services for electric vehicles."

"In order for an efficient and well-distributed charging infrastructure system to be built in Italy, it is necessary to install charging stations even in traditional service stations. Given their ubiquity throughout the territory and as key stopping points on medium and long journeys, they can in fact become strategic locations for all EV drivers. The same funds that will be allocated by the NRP for the installation of new columns at gas stations are a confirmation of this. Looking for new spaces for the installation of columns, goes by the wayside when we have a ready-made asset, such as gas stations, both in urban centers and, especially, along highways. Therefore, it is from this idea that the collaboration with Assopetroli-Assoenergia was born, with which we offer associates the opportunity to participate in the change that will be the basis of the mobility of the future " - comments Lodovico Cavazza Isolani, Chief Business Development Officer of Powy. The agreement dedicated by Powy to Assopetroli-Assoenergia members includes three different proposals, tailored to the specific needs of each individual company: the "Turnkey" for which POWY will provide the charging stations and take care of the installation and management of the service; the "Co-investment" for which individual companies will be involved and will bear part of the costs involved in carrying out some management activities; the "No Thoughts" zero-risk, zero-cost solution, whereby POWY will bear all the costs of building, installing and managing the charging station.

Turin November 2, 2022

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A 100% made-in-Italy company based in Turin, Powy, formerly known as TheF Charging, is the brainchild of Andrea Brentan (former CEO of Endesa) and Federico Fea (former EMEA Business Development of FCA and Chief Innovation Officer of Endesa). As a provider of innovative electric vehicle charging services, Powy 's mission is to create a capillary network of charging infrastructures, making public space managers protagonists of innovation and, at the same time, freeing them from the risk associated with investment and management of facilities. The company has launched an expansion plan aimed at Europe with which it aims for the target of at least 2 million optioned parking spaces by 2025.

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A 100% made-in-Italy company based in Assopetroli-Assoenergia is the historic association that has represented fuel and fuel distribution companies since 1949-both wholesale-supporting the industrial, agricultural, marine, aviation, logistics and heating sectors-and retail-because it includes more than 60 percent of the national network of roadside distributors. It consists of about 11,000 plants with a widespread presence throughout the country. There are 500 member companies with 1,000 companies represented in Assopetroli-Assoenergia, 95 percent of which are small and medium-sized, employing more than 10,000 direct employees and generating a total turnover of about 17 billion euros. Info: