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To access the parking lot, the following code must be entered on the keypad at the side of the barrier:


Charging methods

App Reload Icon

Recharge APP

Use the APP of your choice to start charging.
Currently you can use the Enel X Way, BeCharge, Nextcharge, MyNextMove, Evway, Neogy, Shell Recharge, DKV Mobility, Mobility+ and Charge my EV apps.

Keyfob Reload Icon

RFID Devices

Swipe your RFID device on the reader on the column.
Currently you can use RFID devices from Enel X Way, Evway, Nextcharge, Neogy, Bosch, DKV and Shell Recharge.

Icon Recharge Direct. Payment

Direct Payment

You can charge without having to download any app or subscribe to a service. After scanning the QR code on the side of the outlet you simply need to enter your payment method information to start charging.

Technical Assistance